Zen Cart Hacking – Restoration & Protection

If your Zen Cart website is not running the latest version of Zen Cart, then you are vulnerable to being hacked. Keeping your site updated is the best way to protect against hackers.

If you site has been hacked, then we can help restore and protect your site. What do we do?
1) Scan your site for malicious files

2) Remove the malicious files

3) Change your admin passwords

4) Update your site to the latest version (or the latest version that works for your site)

5) If your site cannot be upgraded for some reason (eg because your plugins cannot be upgraded), then we can take other steps to protect your site (such as renaming the admin folder name, double logins, removing any unnecessary folders/files and more).

Time is of the essence if your site has been hacked.  You want it back up and running as quickly as possible, with enhanced protection against hackers.  To work on your site we will need:

  • your admin logins
  • your hosting account logins
  • and we may need an initial deposit if the value of the work exceeds $200.

Call us (1300.656.902) or send us an email if you would like to get your hacked site restored.