Who this package suits

The Zebra package is a great all-rounder which give you much more input into how your site looks, and offers more choice in the way some of the standard Zen Cart functions fit your business requirements.

Why you would choose this package?

You would choose this package if:

  • You have some specific requirements about how you want your site to look
  • You have a limited budget, but have some ‘must have’ customizations
  • You prefer and a bit of customised training
  • Want more control about the content of the standard Zen Cart emails sent to your customers
  • Want some help getting started with the basics of marketing of you site

Who shouldn’t choose this package

  • If you have very specific or unusual product shipping / ordering / payment requirements
  • If you have lots of extra functions or modules needed
  • If you need a serious site launch and marketing activities included
  • If you prefer customised video support for how to manage the key functions of your site