New Zen Cart Site

Are You Looking for a New eCommerce Website?

Do you want an affordable, simple, but sophisticated website to power your new online business? If so, then we can definitely help! We have searched the globe for the best value eCommerce system for Australian small businesses. Zen Cart is the answer. Maybe you have already done your own research and reached the same conclusion or maybe you are just looking for the best shopping cart system and have never heard of ZenCart. Either way, you have found your way to the Zoo! The Zen Cart Zoo that is and we can build your new website!

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What is “Zen Cart”?

ZenCart is the software that powers eCommerce and shopping cart websites that are truly user friendly. There are hundreds of shopping cart programs available, but none of them come close to giving you the level of options, features and ease of use that ZenCart does. In addition, Zen Cart is open source software, which means that it is free to use and there are no ongoing license costs.

Why is ZenCart the best choice for a shopping cart?

There are 2 primary reasons to pick a Zen Cart eCommerce website in Australia:

  1. It is designed with the your customer as a top priority – so many shopping carts offer a lot features, but they are difficult for the customer to navigate the site and to place an order (and that will hurt your bottom line, big time!), and
  2. It is easy for you to add and remove products, change prices, put products on special, offer discount coupons, add gift certificates and so much more.

The Best Features of Zen Cart

The diagram below showcases some of the very best features of ZenCart which will enable you to run and manage your shopping cart site simply and easily.


In addition to all of the great features shown above, you and your customer will also benefit from…

  • Browsing friendly product categories like a printed catalog
  • Product descriptions, price, manufacturer and price are prominently displayed
  • Setting individual product attributes such as colour, size and upgrades
  • Multiple product purchases automatically added to their shopping cart
  • Sell digital products and customer can download automatically after purchase
  • The final price including taxes and shipping costs is automatically calculated
  • Easy and quick payment methods including the new Paypal Web Payments Pro system
  • Order notifications sent to you and your customer immediately by email
  • Invoicing customers with open accounts
  • Complete shipping details
  • Customer order tracking
  • Customer products reviews
  • Creating and tracking Gift Certificates
  • Creating Discount Vouchers & Coupons
  • Keeping track of your inventory such as how many of each product are in stock and automated reminders when stock falls below a nominated level
  • Facilitating newsletters and other email to your customers
  • Detailed reports on your sales and inventory

…and dozens of additional features and benefits to make your job of running an online store easy and a great experience for your customers.

How Easy Is the ZenCart Admin System to Use?

Extremely easy! Really! One of our clients said to us the other day, that he is not great with computers (most of our clients say that!) but he had no problem at all with the admin system – “it is surprisingly easy”.

What will my site look like?

One of the first things we do is to custom design how your ZenCart website will look. We work with you to create a design that:

  • captures the essence of your business
  • reflects your business branding (if you don’t have a logo, we can help with that too, and
  • appeals to your target market

Once you are happy with the design, we will install the latest stable version of Zen Cart and “skin” it with your design (please note – no animals are harmed during the “skinning” process!). We then configure ZenCart with your settings – shipping, GST, payments, and Australian default settings. We add your content pages (e.g. About Us, Terms & Conditions) and a few test products and categories so you can see how it works. If you would like us to add all your products, let us know how many you have and we’ll give you a quote (to give you an idea, it is usually around $4 per product).

We then run through our exclusive 100-Point Quality Assurance Checklist to make sure everything is working properly. Once your website passes the QA Checklist for Australia we send it to you to review and check. This process usually takes around 2-3 weeks after the design is finalised.

Sounds great, but how much does a Zen Cart website cost?

The $64million question! Our standard Zen Cart package, including 6 months of free Zencart hosting is just $1995 (incl. GST). This includes everything you need to start making sales on your website – with the exception of adding your products and categories. No kidding! There really aren’t any hidden costs unless you want things like custom coding work or the installation and configuration of modules. The vast majority of our clients do not need or want any extras.

If you are interested in additional functionality, for example a cross-sell module or flash photo gallery, just ask us and we will give you a fix priced quote. You can always add these things down the track – once your site is paying its way.

There are no ongoing costs or monthly fees (except hosting – which every website needs and you will get 6 moths of free hosting with your Zen Cart website).

How do I get started?

We make that easy as well. Call us on 1300 656 902 or fill out our enquiry form on the “Contact Us” page. One of our Zen Cart project managers will call you, walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. We look forward to working with you on your new ecommerce website!